What my clients say

Epson, surrey Hypnotherapy - Maria Furtek

Client Hypnotherapy & NLP  Testimonials – I appreciate getting feedback from clients past and present, here’s what some of them have to say about how working with me on their issues has helped them:

Anxiety -June 2018 Panic attacks and general anxiety about work and life

“The techniques you have taught me have shown me how to take back control: I now feel confident and capable!”  (Listen to the short interview with Jane about how I helped her here)

Anxiety- December 2017 Health related anxiety (Listen to the interview with Nicki here)

“I feel so different, nothing is holding me back now. It has been amazing working with Maria. “

Claustrophobia –  fear of lifts, tubes, flying December 2016 (Listen to the interview with Ros here)

“I have been amazed that in such a short space of time, I have been given ways of coping and have been able to train my mind to stop thinking  frightening thoughts. I feel more in control of my own mind and body. I feel confident about the tools that Maria has taught me, that I can take out at any time, to help myself. I recommend Maria, as what she does can be life changing: it’s easy to get started and training your mind to think differently can make a big difference in life”  Ros B

Anxiety June 2016

The techniques that Maria taught me and what she did with me in our sessions, really helped me to relax and focus positively; she helped me to understand my anxiety and deal with it. As a result of seeing Maria, I now feel in a better place emotionally to move forward with my life. In one of the final sessions with Maria, we revisited the past in a way that enabled me to change what was a dark and unhappy memory and transform this internally, so that I was able to process my past experience in a safe and appropriate way”. Lisa H

Anxiety April 2016

“I have found the sessions with Maria really useful and especially learning the techniques to help me now with my anxiety and that I will be able to use in life in the future. I really enjoyed the hypnosis and it was totally different to what I expected.”  K.Patel

Anxiety March 2016

“The sessions have been so helpful – things have changed and I use the tools Maria taught me. The hypnosis has helped me on a deeper level. I would recommend Maria.” Neil B.

Smoking Cessation December 2015

“Maria has done the business. Since the first session with her, it hasn’t been a problem: the issue of smoking is not there any longer.” Mr J Hyman

Fear of Heights August 2015

AJ came to see me with a fear of heights in the Summer of 2015. He wanted to overcome this fear and had a goal of one day being able to do a skydive. Well after 5 sessions, and with his permission to share these, he raised £1600 for charity and did his skydive in August 2015 – these are his photos and words about what he has been able to achieve: “With help from you, there was no chance I’d not succeed 🙂 Thank you so much again. Pics to prove!”


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Stress& Anxiety 2015

“Maria tackled a lot of issues during our sessions, not just the one I had originally gone to her for; so the changes are multiple. I don’t let the past dominate me and I am more open to opportunities in the future. Maria is extremely professional, highly skilled, very personable and a real expert in her field.” Nicola (Epsom)

Weight Loss 2015

“ Thanks to seeing Maria , I like myself a lot more, I now feel that I deserve to lose weight and look good. I don’t think about food as much, I have more energy and enthusiasm and confidence to do different things in my business. Maria is extremely accomplished in many different techniques and strategies and she has her skills at her fingertips, so can use them to best effect on whatever your issue. I am starting to lose weight and her CD really helps.” Nicky B

Anxiety & Lack of Confidence September 2015

Maria helped me to come to terms with lots of things that had happened in my life. She gave me the tools to manage myself and my life better. I trusted Maria to maintain my confidentiality and she was very professional, whilst at the same time putting me at ease and making me feel totally comfortable. I never had the sense of Maria watching the clock and I always felt in the sessions that there was the time I needed to deal with my issues. She really has helped me to see things in their true perspective again. Juliet M


Flying Phobia August 2015

Just returned from our trip to Florida – so happy that I managed to get there and back!

I would never have believed that I’d be able to sit on a plane for 9 hours, but it really was ok. My family remarked how calm I seemed to be – I think they were quite surprised! Both flights were smooth and the time seemed to pass reasonably quickly. The holiday was very, very good and I am delighted that the girls have finally experienced Florida after dreaming of it for so long.

The recording you gave me last time is fantastic. Even when I was walking through Gatwick on the way out, parts of it were playing in my head and it helped me to relax and even eat and do some shopping! Thank you so very much for all of your help and advice. Coral C

 Anxiety August 2015

The sessions with Maria were really good and so helpful. They have given me ways to lessen the anxiety and to feel better about myself. Maria has made me feel really comfortable and I feel excited and hopeful about the future now. Natalie C

 Flying Phobia July 2015

With lots of thanks to you for helping me take back control, the flight both there and back was much. much better. I found that relaxing by cutting out the environment around me with music, closing my eyes and thinking of other positive thoughts and tapping my hand, rather than gripping the seat in front, got me through take-off and I found that I relaxed a soon as we levelled out and was able to enjoy the remainder of the flight (just like the old days). The outward experience made the return much easier so hopefully each time I fly it will become even easier. So much so we have booked a couple more trips, which I certainly would have found very difficult without your assistance. Mr S.

Flying Phobia June 2015

It all came to the final straw when I could not get on the plane to Florida for my family holiday, which left the kids disappointed and upset. This prompted me to come and see you. Thanks to our sessions I have been able to fly to Scotland, Lanzarote and did a 6 hour flight more recently. I feel so much more relaxed and confident about flying now, that we have rebooked our holiday to Florida for August and I am confident that this time I will be able to get on the flight and use the techniques you have taught me to relax and control my anxiety. Myself and my family cannot thank you enough for enabling this trip to go ahead. Coral.

Nail Biting January 2015


I stopped biting my nails with Maria Furtek Hypnotherapy

The sessions were really useful and worked. Each one has been a different experience. Repeat sessions ( I had 4 in total) have re-inforced the changes. Maria gave good practical advise as well as the Hypnotherapy and NLP. I enclose a photo of my new nails, now I have stopped biting them.     Daniel

Smoking January 2015

As soon as I finished the first session I stopped smoking and did not feel the need for a cigarette. The second session really re-inforced what I needed to ensure I remain a non -smoker. I would highly recommend Maria. She made me feel totally at ease in our sessions.   Zoe

Weight Loss

Maria has helped me to feel more in control of my life and my eating. I used to feel fat, unattractive and useless but that has changed now and I can see the way forward clearly. I would advise anyone thinking about seeing Maria, to “Just do it!” Wendy

Anxiety & Stress October 2014

Maria is extremely accomplished in so many different techniques and strategies as well as Hypnotherapy. She has ll these skills and practices at her fingertips so can use them to best effect on whatever your issue is and to deal with whatever comes out of the hypnotherapy process. She is more advanced than other practitioners I have been too and was able to offer a service that individually met my issues and needs. She also has a fantastically relaxing chair in which the hypnotherapy takes place, which I miss! Nicci B

Weight Loss August 2014

I don’ t think about food much now, as I am too busy. I am continuing to lose weight  and I am not so moody with my family. I believe I can do it now and I feel that I deserve to lose weight and look good. (I didn’t before!) Autumn N

Sadness & Stress June 2014

We tackled so many issues during our sessions, & I no longer let the past dominate me. I am more open to opportunities in the future and not sad and depressed like I was.  I like myself a lot more. I have more energy, enthusiasm and confidence now in my personal and business life. Nicola B

Exam Anxiety May 2014

The Sessions with Maria were very helpful. I feel more confident about my exams and my key skills for teaching.Maria really helped me to understand my learning and revising styles.


Anxiety & Stress January 2014

Maria helped me to overcome my anxiety in 3 sessions and that really made me feel so much more positive about everything. Alex G (mum)

Anxiety & Stress June 2013

The sessions with Maria have helped me feel more positive and relaxed. I have a more positive attitude in life generally now. I am able to take each day as it comes and I don’t worry. I am 100% happy to recommend Maria. I feel like I have peace of mind and freedom to get on with my life. Sam R (Hospital Technician)

Smoking Cessation: May 2013

I feel empowered and ready to live the rest of my life as a non-smoker. Maria has helped me to discover some of the tools and techniques to achieve this. Paul T (Business Owner)

Anxiety: April 2013

I feel more at ease and confident about dealing with the situation now, which in the past has made me feel anxious. Maria has taught me new tools to manage my anxiety and stress. I feel more in control of my life. Jenny R (Nurse)

Weight Loss: March 2013

The help and support I have received from Maria Furtek has been invaluable with my constant battle with weight. I now feel free from the burden of dieting and back in control for the first time. Jodie (Beauty Therapist)