weight Loss Motivation

Struggling to Lose Weight?

Finding it hard to stick to your Diet?

Could you do with a Boost of Weight Loss Motivation to help you stay on Track?

When the pain of being overweight and feeling uncomfortable is too much; when you are miserable because none of your clothes fit properly, or you are looking for a special outfit for an occasion and you can’t find anything that makes you feel good, this is often when you decide that it is time to lose weight.

Many of you start a diet (and although these often don’t work for a lot of people there are some sensible eating plans out there that do work for some: especially if it is a type of plan that involves eating normal food, (not faddy meal replacements!), helps to re-educate you about healthy eating and focuses your attention on your behaviours and habits connected to eating!)

At the beginning of a diet, you set out with high hopes, determined that this will be the one that will change everything; that you will get down to your favourite size and shape and be able to feel and look good in the mirror again. However, maintaining the level of motivation is not always easy:

  • Life gets in the way
  • stress gets in the way
  • hunger gets in the way
  • self-sabotage gets in the way
  • social engagements come along that don’t fit in with the “diet”

And what happens then is that you lose your focus; lose your way on the diet; cheat on it; feel demoralised; start believing that it is all too hard and it’s not going to work and give up. Your motivation is then at an all time low. You end up back at square one, making excuses, (it’s my age, it’s the wrong time to do it etc) feeling a failure, feeling miserable about your weight and feeling that it is a hopeless situation.

If you have experienced this way of “trying” to lose weight and you find that you can never stick to a diet long enough to get results, then I’d like to invite you to join me in a  “POWER-UP!” session.

The 2 hour “power-up!” Weight Loss Motivation session with me,  uses powerful psychological tools to really “fire up” your motivation to lose weight, so that you will find it easier to stick to your method that you have chosen to support your weight loss. This 2 hour session will help you to create the right mindset so that you take action and continue taking action to shed those excess pounds. You will have a fall back plan and effective tools that you can use, to tackle those times, that in the past, have made you fail in your weight loss journey.

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If we look at the neuro-science of “willpower” there are 3 components that are involved. These correspond with 3 different areas of your brain, within the pre-frontal cortex (which is the part just behind your forehead).

1) There is the right side: this corresponds with our ability to STOP doing something and working with this part of you, can limit self-sabotage!

2) There is the left side: this is where we can strengthen your motivation; this is the part of you that says “I will do this.”

3) And the underneath: this corresponds with our goals and our ability to create a clear idea about what we wish to achieve. It is the part that says “This is what I want….” This part connects to your higher level values for taking action or wanting to achieve something.

In the 2 hour “Power-Up!” session, I will use some of the newest psychological approaches, including Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching tools to help you align your motivational levels strongly with your desire for weight loss.


This is what karen B said after her 2 hour “power-Up” session:

“I have clarity about my weight loss aims; I now feel focused and motivated about achieving my goal” Jan 2014


You will leave this session:

  • with the ability to stop sabotaging your weight loss
  • knowing how to overcome any cravings for those foods that you know make you put on weight
  • with a clear plan of action and the steps you need to take to help you achieve weight loss
  • with a greater feeling of motivation to eat healthier

    Programme your mind cd case

AND with a special BONUS MP3  to help keep you on track after your session with me, which will help you to keep “boosting up” your motivation even when things may get challenging.The beauty of this is that you can support
yourself through those usual life challenges that have stopped you achieving success in the past, without the need to re-visit me.

(The cd cover here is for illustrative purposes only)

“After spending these 2 hours with Maria, I saw the chink of light that made the difference to me feeling more positive and motivated about moving forward on my weight loss journey” Maggie T 2015



Your investment for the 2 hour “POWER-UP” Session includes:

  • a PRIVATE 1-1 session with me  (2 full hours)
  • the “POWER-UP”MANUAL of all the handouts and materials to support you after the session with me
  • a summary of your personal “POWER-UP!” session with clear actions and steps for you to follow
  • Motivational tips to keep you on track after the session

Your investment for this 2 hour session is £197. And you will  ALSO RECEIVE:

  • The special BONUS MP3 “Programme your Mind for Weight Loss Success” to help to continue to boost your on-going motivation to achieve results (VALUED AT £14.99) & this is yours to keep!